How to add $1,000 to your coffee shop's bottom line next month

by Ed Arvidson
President, E&C Consulting; Instructor, Coffee Business School of the Cascades
1 (541) 317-0555

I've never met a coffee business owner who said they couldn't benefit from an extra $1,000 of bottom line income each month. Increasing your bottom line by that amount is not difficult, if you take some simple actions and stick to them; religiously! The real power in these seemingly insignificant actions is multiplied when they are all done in conjunction with each other, and they are done consistently.

For those of you who already have a profitable business, the following information will help you squeeze the maximum profitability out of your operation. If you are almost, or right at business profitability, this information will push you over the top. For those of you who are deep into negative monthly cash flow, this information alone may not make you profitable, but it will certainly help your business; (better to "bleed" a cup each month as opposed to a quart!). If this is your case, I will present you with another source of information at the end of this action plan, that should help you sort out if your business is salvageable, and what to do after that. Remember, even if you think the prognosis for your business is fatal, it will be worth more to a potential buyer if it is still operating. This information, at very least, will buy you time, and you might be surprised, it could even revive hope for your business!

Don't become overwhelmed as your read through the following pages of information. Yes, a lot of information is covered, but I have provided a bulleted, easy-to-use action plan at the end to help your organize and prioritize your effort.

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