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Customer Reviews

I highly recommend the Coffee Business School of the Cascades. I just completed the on-line version of the course and I loved it!! Once I decided to forgo the franchise route and develop an independent coffee bar, I became somewhat anxious regarding just "how to" approach such an endeavor... and then I found Ed and the Coffee Business School of the Cascades! The on-line course is "chock full" of everything you need to know to launch and operate a successful coffee business. The course covered much more than I expected and for the next 2 years my staff and I can access this course as often as we'd like! After taking this course, I feel much more confident in moving forward with my coffee bar!
Thanks Ed!

Candace, Maryland

I've had a burning desire to start a coffee business for several years, but didn't even know where to begin. Then, I came across this online course. I watched all the class videos over a couple of weeks, and I have to say the scope and detail of information is amazing. I never had any idea that starting a coffee business could require so much in terms of things you need to know, and decisions you'll have to make. I'm scared to think of how fast I could have lost my entire investment, without the information I've gained from this class. I plan to watch the entire class a second time, and then start working my way through the business creation process, using the applicable videos to help guide me along the way.

While I would have loved to travel to Bend for class (I've been to Bend on vacation, really cool place), I couldn't afford to take time away from work. And, let's be honest, it can be awkward asking your boss for time off so you can go take a class about how to start your own business! This online class is excellent, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering starting a coffee business.

Paul H. - Milpitas, California

I attended the four-day, intensive business and beverage class of the "Coffee Business School of the Cascades" in Bend, Oregon, in December 2013. Upon the conclusion of the class, I knew I had received far more value from my investment than I had expected! Ed's knowledge, and the comprehensiveness of his class materials were incredible. This class is for those who are truly serious about starting and running a successful coffee business. If this describes you, then this class is one of the best offerings in the market for quality information and support.

Now, to have this information available online for two additional years as a refresher, is a significant bonus! Due to the amount and depth of the material that is provided, I would not trade-in the experience from those 4-days of "live" instruction, and the insights gleaned from other like-minded classmates. However, if you have the discipline and desire, and your situation does not easily allow you to attend Ed's "live" school in Oregon, then this on-line resource could be perfect for you.

Emily T., San Francisco, California

I had been thinking and dreaming about opening a "motorcycle-themed" coffee shop for some time, when an ideal location became available in my city. Having the desire, capital, and now a potentially great location, I knew the time was right to move forward. The only problem was, I realized I didn't know as much as I needed to know about the business, or coffee, (if I wanted to have a successful business).

I was conducting an extensive web search for sources of information, when I came across the "Coffee Business School of the Cascades." After examining the class outline, and talking with Ed by phone, I attended his 4-day class in Oregon. The information and insights I received in the class were invaluable, and will undoubtedly save me from months if not years of learning things the hard way, not to even mention the thousands of dollars it probably saved me by not making commonly-made mistakes. It quickly became evident that Ed has "been there" and "done that" multiple times when it comes to opening and running a foodservice business; experience that doesn't come from a book, and that you can greatly benefit from!

Now, to be able to have the class lectures and beverage preparation demonstrations accessible as streaming videos is a real added bonus! I opened my business in the fall of 2013, and it has been steadily building, with profitability almost within grasp. Being able to review the class sections on "marketing your business" and "getting profitable" will serve as great refreshers in creating a plan to take my business to the next level.

If money, time, or family responsibilities make it impossible for you to attend Ed's physical 4-day school in Bend, Oregon, (an experience I guarantee you'll enjoy), then this online course is the next best thing. My advice, do yourself a favor, protect your life savings by educating yourself; invest in this class!

Jeff H., Eureka, California

I have been watching the online version of Ed's class, and I have to say it is phenomenal! Every aspect of coffee, understanding the bean, the business, the industry, and making beverages are covered.

I enjoyed attended the "live" class, and I am confident that anyone who attends will become thoroughly educated in the business, and be 100% satisfied; (as I am). Watching these instructional online videos makes me feel as if I am in class all over again. Ed hasn't missed a beat. Understandably, it is hard for some people to get away for four days, so these online videos now make it possible for people to learn about the coffee business from the convenience of their own home. (However, I really enjoyed being in Bend, Oregon, and getting to know Ed and his wife.) Ed is such a knowledgeable instructor, and him sharing his personal experiences is an added bonus. I had considered a lot of different schools when it came to my coffee business education, and I know that I chose the best educator to teach me ALL I needed to know to run a successful specialty coffee company.

I WAS a full time bookkeeper for a local company. Since attending Ed's class, I have successfully opened one operation in my local area, and I am currently working on a location for my second. Ed has given me so many insights into running a successful business, and that is worth its weight in gold!!

Michelle F., Marysville, Washington